About Us

With the "deep faith" and "conviction" in the strength of the people and their capacities, Avani Sansthan (NGO) was formed in 2010 and was registered as a Society, under Society Registration Act 1958.
Since 2010 Avani has been working on the subjects of education for children, livelihood for the youth, health care in rural villages and urban slums, women empowerment and sensitization of the privileged masses. The founder members have 4 to 5 years working experience in the field of children education, rural development, organizing women's group, drought management and agriculture development.
The work area of Avani Sansthan (NGO) has been primarily Udaipur and around Rajasthan. we have worked for a society in which the poor have control on their natural as well as livelihood resources, people coexist with nature, equality prevails in the society, and the citizens of India have strong moral values.
Avani Sansthan (NGO) has worked on programs ranging from youth development and women empowerment to migration. Its scope of association has covered various existing and emerging drawbacks in rural communities occurring due to lack of basic resources, health care, education and employment.


Avani Sansthan (NGO) strives to empower the youth of Rajasthan by giving them a platform where they can freely express their concerns. Avani Sansthan (NGO) also provides them with information that enables them to seek social and scientific solutions thereby helping them become agents of change in their communities. Avani Sansthan (NGO) tries to increase the active participation of young people across the country in decision making, policy formulation and advocacy in various forums both at the national and international level.

Objectives of Sansthan

  • Providing training in Primary & High Level Schools for the overall development of children and promotion of Education.
  • Development of New Concepts in Education.
  • Rising the Scheduled Tribe by organizing Health, Social and Cultural activities through Education in their area, running colleges for them, establishment and running of Training centres, encouraging Music sector, establishment of Art centres and establishment of Music Schools etc.
  • Creating Awareness in Public for Cleanliness, Sanitation and Pollution through Education.
  • Creating Awareness in outlying Tribal sectors for contagious diseases such as AIDS, Tuberculosis and Leprosy.
  • Providing employment opportunities to divorced, widow and needy women by making them trained in different industries through Education.
  • Joint efforts to resolve family disputes through Education.
  • Creating Financial, Political and Social awareness in rural, urban and other backward areas through Education.
  • Making women self dependant and providing employment oriented training through Education.
  • A Happy Girl is the Future of our Country. Female foeticide is a shame and a very serious challenge.Female foeticide is like one of the most heinous crimes imaginable on this planet. Stop Female foeticide.